What is appropriate to wear this summer.

Well for those in the UK it is blazing hot..It is the summer time that everyone has been waiting for and now we all can’t cope..This is us ,human beings we are never satisfied with anything,I bet everyone can’t wait for winter and the snow.🌧☔️

I went to the beach yesterday with the kids as I could not cope being in the house,mind you the kids are on school holidays for 6weeks ,ha,bitter sweet isn’t it? I was already tired of the “Mum am bored ” especially in this heat.Am sure Mother’s can relate to this.

Now here is the question that I ponder with and I know women of my age(30s) ponder with. What do you wear in this heat ?

I mean I come from a culture where people are judgemental about how you dress or look if you are a mother.You get the looks especially when you wear anything that leaves your legs on show or your upper region on show..I mean I have done it myself during school runs,we always give the eye to that woman that is wearing shorts that leave the bottom butt hanging.Is it appropriate or we are being judgemental?

I mean I love shorts ,they are comfortable in this weather but are they appropriate for a woman or mother like me who has a huge/or not so small natural behind..I was born like that it’s all natural but should I hide what I have got or not wear what I want with the fear of being judged..

I have come to the conclusion that it’s not fair to judge or to impose culture or society beliefs on anyone,people should be able to wear what they want as long as they are comfortable and it makes them happy.Who is to say ,or make that decision on what is appropriate for anyone.There is so much going on in the world than to worry about another woman ‘s choice of outfit.

Personally I am over it and I have made a decision to wear what ever makes me happy and comfortable this summer.I am doing me and so should every body..

Celine sunglasses dupes

I know that not many of us cannot afford luxury items but that doesn’t or should not stop you looking like a celebrity if you want to ..🤷‍♀️I am just saying ,you can bring out the inner celebrity in you and look cool like everyone else..a lot of the times social media has made people feel inadequate and every time   you scroll down your instagram pictures you start comparing yourself to everyone else and you think your life really sucks. In most cases people have not spent a lot of money to look like that ,its all about presentation,how you put things together as well as  knowing where to shop/find these items .

I am a personal shopper  certified by my own standards and i know how to find my way round the internet to find stuff depending on any budget.Thats more like a hobby of mine as I love fashion and I like to see people looking good and happy.When you look good and you get that compliment your confident definitely goes up and you feel like you are walking on water.I have been there trust me and i love the feeling that i get when i get that compliment and most times people do not believe it when i tell them how much my out fit cost…If you love looking at luxury items and you cannot afford them the best advice i can give you is to go for dupes…..they are the way to go when you have not made it to Chanel,Gucci etc.

Dupes are items that are inspired by real designers items and they are targeted at people who can’t afford the real thing…So you see there is someone out there who cares about us..So I found these glasses they are a dupe of the celine sunglasses and they are gorgeous,the only difference with the real ones is that they don’t have a celine logo..The real ones cost between £150 to £200 depending on where you buy them from…So i have made this simple for you if you love these trendy fashionable glasses..the link below will give you that…look…

Don’t be left behind this summer ,and besides it’s a good time to take pictures for your blog Instagram etc and show everyone how cool you look..


These dupes cost £6.99 from amazon and am not kidding they look fab…click the link below for a lovely affordable price that is not going to break your bank balance.I love mine.


Short people problems 🤦🏽‍♀️

How I hate it when people say you really look short today??

What am I supposed to do about that?

Ever since they have known me they know that Iam short,and I have never been tall..duh
Do you expect me to walk around in six inch heels all the time to compensate my height and make you happy…nah sis,this is Who Iam ,get used to it.

So in all my years of being alive why should I be reminded of how short Iam.
Iam pretty sure there is other beautiful things about me that you can comment on besides my height as I have and will always be that height🤷‍♀️

I just find that people who say that are insecure themselves and are extremely intimidated by you as short as you are and are trying to put you down..

Now those kind of people are very toxic ,stay away from them,run🏃🏾‍♀️ As far as you can..
No one wants to hear negative comments everyday of their life when when we all trying to figure out this thing called life..
With time I have come to the conclusion that I will not let that put me down ,I will not let that stop me from following my dreams or stop me from being who I want to be in life..Don’t be discouraged you are beautiful,you are a beautiful creation,embrace it and love yourself even more,because when you love yourself it will show and no matter what people say it is not going to affect you in any way.

Iam sick and tired of it…Now am I the only one who feels like this?am I overreacting? where are my fellow people ,what do you think of this?
Iam sure if there was a tablet/medicine of being tall I would have taken it by now…so tough

Denim jacket,a girl best friend 

Every lady should have a blue denim jacket in their wardrobe,It is a must have accessory.There is something about the denim jacket that makes your outfit look chic and classy.

The most trendy one at the moment is the oversized one and the distressed one.It Depends with what look you are going for.The plain one is safer for all occasions if you can’t afford to get more than one.

For those that love maxi dresses,a denim jacket will add the chic to that maxi dress. It can also be worn with a pair of black jeans and this time add a pair of heels to make the outfit a bit classy.Trust me there is no way you can not turn heads with that.There is nothing wrong with you turning up for an event and all eyes on you for the right reasons.Again you don’t need to spend a lot of money or break the bank to make this happen.

Spring and summer are always the best times to have a denim jacket.

So ladies start creating a space  in your wardrobe for that denim jacket and you won’t regret it.It is a girl best friend.

What a woman needs 

Ladies,yesterday I spoke about rewarding your self ,i still stand by that ,there is nothing selfish by putting your needs first once in a while.I know that everyone has a different income,a different bank balance and everyone has their fare share of bills.Today we are not going to dwell on  bills.Iam here to tell you that you still need to take care of yourself despite how much you got.For those of you that live in the 🇬🇧,I think everyone would know that there is enough for every budget.For instance if you go to Asda ,Primark you can get affordable material,it just depends how you rock it.Same with food you can buy groceries for £20 in Asda to feed the whole family for a week,that is what is called living according to your means and still be able to survive.

Do not be left behind because you cant afford this and that,Live according to your means and still be able to maintain yourself. 

Know which shops to go to that suit your budget and with planning you will constantly be able to go up the ladder and eventually be able to afford luxury items.

Practice with the less affordable stuff and by the time you get the expensive staff you already a pro.

I will give you an example ,when I started doing my make up I used to use the cheapest foundation as I did not really know how to apply make up properly.I was learning and I didn’t need to practice using expensive stuff,besides I could not afford it.I wasn’t mad though,I was happy at least I could afford some.I used to frequent the African shops, in the streets of London and buy make up there .With £10 I had foundation,lipstick,powder,eyeliner,and eyeliner palette and I was happy.That used to last me about two months or three.With time when I mastered the art of make up,I wanted more and better,I picked overtime at work and steadily I kept improving my products according to my wallet,and I must say over the years now I have managed to use different products ,I now know what works for my skin.I maintained myself without breaking the bank and when I look back I thank God for where Iam now,and Iam grateful for where I have been because I learnt a lot.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a few steps.

Do not wait until you have enough money because money will never be enough.

Reward yourself

IMG_3713It’s okay to spoil yourself at times.Iam talking to mothers out there who are putting in the hard work everyday,be it working mums or stay at homes .
It is very easy sometimes to lose yourself,but in the middle of the chaos ,stop and ask yourself “what have I done for myself “.
That’s not a selfish question.
You deserve to be rewarded for every hard work.
Reward yourself,as sometimes no one would do that for you.

It could be that lipstick you have always wanted or that dress that you always see at the window every time you pass by the shops and you think it’s out of your reach,go for it you only live once,after you there will never be another you.
Iam not asking you to spend a lot there is so many options out there without breaking the bank.
Don’t be too hard on yourself,you are doing a great job,sometimes you just want to feel good about yourself and the only person that can make it happen is yourself.Dont wait for no one to tell you how great you are.Reward yourself.

What is it about bags and women?Does it make a statement about you or does it add to the way an outfit looks?What difference would a £1000 bag make a difference to a £50 bag.Can we discuss,share your ideas? My view is people will always judge you with the what bag you are carrying or what shoes you have on,I feel like these two always have a way of defining a person.What do you ladies think?


My first blog💃🏻

Finally excited to finally pen my ideas and thoughts into existence.Lets face it the world can be very lonely and it’s always good to have an outlet to inspire others and to be also inspired.It could be daily living activities,fashion ,health and beauty,educational and any other issues that can inspire someone and put a smile on their face.We are all beautiful in our own way,Lets embrace our uniqueness ,together LETS SLAY.